Friday, August 31, 2012

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I love to shop.  It's kind of sad, really, the thrill I get from finding a great bargain, a super-trendy outfit, or an awesome pair of shoes.  Even better if I find a bargain on a super-trendy pair of shoes!  The problem with shopping, though, is that I find all kinds of things I never knew I needed.  $23 for a pair of absolutely ah-mazing purple, studded, $200 heels that I cannot walk three steps in without falling over.  $17 for a waffle maker that I just knew would make my life better-and I think my husband may have actually used it....once.  A pair of uber-trendy sandals for only a couple dollars, but they made my ankles look fat.  The bathing suit that was too big, and the jeans that were way too small.  I've been sorely feeling the errors of my impulse buying ways as I haul more than a few bags of extra stuff to the Good Will store. It's a good reminder to me, as I carry over-weighted bags to the car, that all that extra stuff is just a heavy burden.  It might be good stuff, but its not good stuff for me, because I just don't need it.  The reality is, though, that stuff takes time, money, and energy to buy, sort, organize, store, clean, and eventually, dispose of. So I am intentionally asking myself, what 'stuff' is it that I really need? Every time I walk through Target (my beloved arch-nemesis in the battle against too much stuff!) Honestly, not much.  If I am truly honest, I am embarrassed with all of my stuff.

I am working on decluttering my stuff and decluttering my life in the process, intentionally whittling away at the things that prevent me from doing and being what I really love. I am emptying closets, letting go, and giving my self permission to be free of the stuff.  It's very freeing, and I can't wait to get on to the next round of getting rid of stuff.

In the meantime, check out this book that helped me get started!

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