Friday, July 31, 2015

Prayer for the Weekend

Almighty God, Father in Heaven,

Help us this day to praise Your great name. In our jam-packed day, our fun-filled outings, or our drowsy daydreams, give us pause to see Your hand at work in all that we do. Open our eyes to see You as You are, not as we think You should be. Open our hearts to respond to You in love, in joy, and in praise. Open our arms to receive others as You receive us.

We confess to You our brokenness, our inabilities, our weaknesses. We ask that You forgive us for ignoring injustice, avoiding the need to love those around us, reveling in our stress and anxiety instead of Your peace, and for not diving deep into Your Word. Help us to turn away from the things that aren't of You, and give us a passion for Your Holy Word.

Thank you for the gift of praise, the time to spend meditating on Your Words and Stories, and the unending hope of a forever with You.


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