Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Beauty Buzz for Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't you just love to people-watch?  I totally do.  I could sit for hours with a cup of coffee and watch folks walk by.  At the local zoo over the weekend, I saw a lot of people who were trying to beat the heat.  I saw too-short shorts, barely-there tank tops, muffin tops, and all kinds of things that I didn't want to see.  Trust me; I'm no prude but still, some things should be left up to the imagination.  

Here's a few summer don'ts: 
1.  Bra straps showing.  Seriously, this trend is over.  Very, very over.  Invest in a strapless bra.  Or at least wear thicker tank top straps.  
2.  Handkerchief shirts - that were tight.  I love these shirts because they're cool, comfy, and have a style.... but they're are not supposed to be tight.  Loose and flowy is the name of the game. 
3.  Bulges.  If it bulges out the top, bulges out the bottom, or anywhere in between, its just too small.  Go up a size and relax!  You'll look slimmer and feel better. 
4.  Vintage stone washed denim.  Vintage=good.  Stonewashed=bad.  Need I say more?
5.  Boots and shorts.  Kinda looks wierd when its 85 degrees. 
6.  Matching your mother.  Even if she is stylish.
We are all ears!
7.  Long sleeve track suit.  

 A few of my fav looks:
1.  Handkerchief dresses.  Very cute, very lightweight, and flattering, too. 
2. Maxi dresses.  These dresses are alluring, flattering, and yet, don't show too much skin.  Bonus, my son thinks I look like a princess in mine.  :)  Pair them with a pair of espadrilles and your are totally on trend. 
3.  Dark wash jean skirt with a fitted -but not tight- black sleeveless top.  Very simple, yet very chic.  
4.  Capris and a shapely 'T'.  Comfy yet chic!
5.  Gladiator sandals.  They go with almost anything:  shorts, capris, skirts.....
6.  Straw hats for sun protection.

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