Thursday, June 16, 2011

LockStarz Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions by Hair Royalty


Birds of a feather may flock together, but Feather Hair Extensions are for the trend-loving folks who like to stand out.  And apparently, they are so ‘hot’ right now that women are flocking to bait and tackle shops to pick up fly-tying rooster feathers for their hair.  The fisherman are not so happy about this, and naturally, neither are the roosters who are giving their lives so we can look fabulous.  The great people of Hair Royalty have come up with a solution that makes everyone happy, including the roosters.

LockStarz Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions, from Hair Royalty, have come up with a better product to put in our hair.  These extensions are humane, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly.  No roosters have to be harmed in order to get this brand of hair extension, and you certainly won’t find them at a bait and tackle shop.  The Alternative Rooster Feathers are a Hybrid Human and Synthetic Material.  They are, happily, manufactured under strict health regulations.  The extensions are created with the grizzly rooster pattern that everyone is searching for, and they come in a wide variety of colors including blue, white, pink, and more.  They are fifteen inches long, and have the “I tip” at one end so that they can be easily attached to the hair using the link system.  Better yet, these extensions can be washed, curled, flat ironed, and crimped up to a maximum temperature of 330 degrees.  They can even be trimmed to any length you desire.

The fine folks at Hair Royalty graciously sent me a pack of Alternative Rooster Feathers to try out, and I immediately had a stylist friend put them in for me.  She razored the ends to help them blend with my haircut.  Here’s what I like:  the installation is easy.  They install just like any other link-style hair extension, with pliers, a link tool, and a bead.  You could probably use the bonded extension technique to install them if you really desired, but I naturally just prefer the link system because they are easy to remove and change.  I really like the colors.  They are bright and fun, and even after several washes the color seems to be holding just fine. Applying hair color to your hair in these rich, fantasy colors wouldn’t last nearly as well.  So far, I’ve washed them, applied gel, blow dried, hair sprayed, combed, and brushed my hair and my Alternative Rooster Feathers are doing great, with no signs of wear and tear.  They are comfortable and easy to style.

The Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions are a little bit different from typical extensions. The fibers are just a bit stiffer than typical human hair extensions, which is what gives it that piece-y, peekabo flare.  The extensions don’t conform to your head as much as plain, human hair extensions do.  This is what helps them stand out!  Also, you’ll want to make sure that you select colors that match your wardrobe, because you really don’t want your hair to clash with your clothes. I really like them peeking out from underneath of long, textured hairstyles.

.I must say that my experience with these hair extensions has been great.  I get plenty of compliments on the Feather Extensions, which is a great way to find business when I’m out and about or working in the salon.  And since this type of hair extension is meant to be used as an accent piece, rather than for a whole head of extensions, they are more affordable for the average person.   The cost of the these extensions is extremely reasonable, and the application is fairly quick, which means we stylists can use them to increase our income without breaking the client’s piggy bank.  That’s a win-win, in my opinion.  Not only are they fun to wear, they would be great for fundraisers, school spirit, proms, or other celebrations.  And since they are so easily removable they require very little commitment from the client.   

I have interacted with Hair Royalty even before they brought out their Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions.  I am not exaggerating when I say their customer service has been stellar.  Their products are on trend, stylish, and affordable.  They are an environmentally responsible and humanitarian company, donating a portion of the proceeds from these extensions to Locks for Love.  Shipping is fast and their website is easy to use.  

Don’t forget to visit their website,, and see the Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions, Hair Tinsels and other embellishments, t-shirts, jewelry, tools, and more.  You, the roosters, and all those fisherman will be glad you did!

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